What they’re saying about us:

 “It was amazing…I have a sense of confidence that I have NEVER had…I am so excited that I can exhale and truly live out my purpose!!!!” – Jacquie

“Taking the spiritual development courses with Shelley has helped me to discover my own inner light and create a more meaningful life.  The most life-changing course for me was the Divine Combination. It brought into focus all of the teachings from previous courses and helped me to learn how to navigate the waters to bring me to my highest alignment.

I began the course in a very dark place knowing that something had to change but feeling paralyzed by fear and doubt and ultimately a lack of direction. While taking the Divine Combination course I found myself learning how to set and achieve my desired path through the elements of surrender, faith, flow and trust.  Through the practice of these elements I have changed my life in exceptional ways. I am living the life that I have always wanted, free from fear and negativity. I am pursuing dreams that I had abandoned in the name of practicality and self-doubt, and in pursuing those dreams my life experience has become richer than I could ever have imagined. My entire energy and state of being has been completely transformed and I have become fully open to receiving all of the love, support and assistance the Universe can give me.

Learning to partner with the Universe, my angels and my guides through the Divine Combination course has empowered me to create the most amazing moments in my life and enabled me to see the endless possibilities that surround me.

My deepest gratitude to Shelley and Gabriel for helping me to realize and embrace the person I was always meant to be.” – Caroline


“Peta, a heartfelt thank you for so much: for helping to restore my equilibrium, for setting my feet upon this awesome path, for your wisdom and support, for your generosity and most of all for your friendship.” – Wendy

“I can’t THANK YOU enough for this experience! For allowing yourself to be the channel to pass along the message and healing techniques that I’ve been requesting of my Guides and Angels!  I’m so happy you were my teacher Peta!” – Venice

“It was fab today. Thank you so very very much. Our guest tonight had a headache, asked for a paracetamol and I gave him energy healing instead – and cured it!! I feel so good! Peta, in all contact with you I feel the love, non-judgment and total acceptance of the now – you are amazing. You are a skilled and inspirational communicator and we are grateful for your time.” – Anne & Clive

“My reading with Shelley and Gabriel was amazing! You touched my heart and healed my soul.  Thank you for sharing so lovely and so healing.” – Helene

“Richard successfully had his operation on Friday, which was very touch and go, but he has made such a good recovery after what he went through. The doctors keep saying that they don’t understand how he has made such a good recovery in such a short time given the severity of the operation he had.  I think it’s probably down to the energy healing. Thank you for all your help.”  – Julie

“‘I’ve taken a few of Shelley’s courses and learned so much about myself in that short period of time! It truly is incredible. They have helped me to trust my own instincts and move forward (always) with flow and ease. I’ve also had two readings with Shelley and both were bang on with information I needed to hear. Invaluable !!! Thanks Shelley!”

“Wow! What a day!” – Emma





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